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Are you a natural athlete? Do you love all types of sports? Have you decided to pursue an educational degree in this area so that you are sure to be professionally fulfilled? By following an educational path in sports nutrition you will be learning how to counsel, assess, and address the nutritional needs of active individuals and athletes. Online research shows that job growth in this industry is expected to be at an average growth rate; making this a great time to enter this career path. Start on your sports nutrition career training today…don’t delay another second.

In order to pursue a career in sports nutrition you will likely need to choose between an applied nutrition, exercise and sports nutrition, or nutrition sciences. Typically, post-secondary schools offer each of these degree programs in an undergraduate program and as a graduate degree program. In addition, there are also certificate based programs that you can complete in a much shorter length of time. To choose an appropriate program you will need to identify each of your educational and career goals and then choose which program will allow you to address your needs. Probably the most common educational path that students choose to pursue is a bachelor’s degree that is concentrated in nutrition science and dietetics. In your degree program you can expect to spend much of your time learning about the role that nutrition plays in the sustenance, development, and maintenance of an individual’s health.

As you work to complete the degree requirements, you may also have the option of choosing an area of specialty to focus your studies on. You should expect to take courses that are classroom based and also classes that will have field based components. Within your field based classes you may be working within a food service industry or with a dietician. Your classroom based courses will be focused on nutrition aspects in public health, clinical nutrition, and biochemistry in nutrition. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools shown on our site that are particularly interesting to you. With some level of formal training in sports nutrition or fitness you will be able to seek employment with an athletic team, as a personal trainer for a fitness agency or on an independent basis, or as a dietician for any number of venues. For instance, hospitals and school systems both need the efforts of a dietician on the payroll. If you are undecided on which school to attend we hope the sports nutrition training schools listed below can offer assistance.


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