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Vet Assistant School

Do you have a genuine love for animals? Do you know what it takes to care for animals of all shapes and sizes? Would you love to work in an environment that would allow you to put this passion to work in a beneficial and enjoyable way? If you said yes to each of these questions then maybe it’s time that you considered pursuing a career as a veterinary assistant. As a veterinary assistant you will be expected to prepare treatment rooms where animals are examined and to help restrain animals while the vet works with them. Depending upon your specific employment, you may also be asked to administer medications to animals, to apply dressings to wounds, to clean teeth, and to take and record the vital signs of animals. Based on online research, this occupation is expected to grow at a faster than average rate. This should make your job search a positive one, that will likely result in gainful employment. Get started on your veterinary assistant degree today, request info to get started from any of the schools below.

In order to work as a veterinary assistant it is common for individuals to pursue a certificate program, which is typically offered at local community colleges and vocational institutes. Within your certificate based program you will be learning how to appropriately interact with animals, how to interact with an animal’s owner, how to perform administrative tasks, and how to prevent injury in animals and to handle their illnesses.

You can expect to be required to complete coursework such as: medication and euthanasia, vaccinations, routine examinations, front office procedures, diagnostic tests, safety restraints, animal pharmacology, injections, client communications, and laboratory procedures. You can expect a certificate based program to require you to complete clinical experiences in real life veterinarian settings. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that particularly appeal to you. This information will make your educational and career decisions much easier to make. With your certificate program in veterinary assisting complete you will be able to seek employment in large animal vet clinics, small animal vet clinics, zoos, animal shelters, pet stores, veterinary drug companies, kennels, or animal control facilities. In addition, should you decide to further your level of education you may be able to pursue additional job opportunities. For instance, an associate’s degree will make it possible for you to work as a veterinary technologist or a veterinary technician. These two positions will allow you to have additional job responsibilities, such as blood testing and x-ray analysis. Any of the veterinary technician schools listed below will be more than happy to talk to you regarding the programs they offer related to vet tech.