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Yoga Instructor Certification

Yoga Training Programs

Are you a health conscious individual who would like to influence other individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle? Have you been doing yoga for years and you think you would be a great instructor? As a yoga instructor you will be responsible for teaching a group of students the Indian tradition of mental and physical discipline. This is generally accomplished through the use of meditation, exercises, and a range of poses. Although it will not be a part of your formal training program, obtaining your CPR training certificate will be a great addition to your resume. Once you have completed your certification you can expect to be required to complete continuing education classes every three years in order to maintain your certification. While some of your continuing education will be teaching and training experiences, you may also be able to complete some of the requirements through individual research aspects. Find yoga certification training schools below to get started on your new career goal!

Although it is not required to complete a formal degree to be qualified to work as a yoga instructor, you will want to attend an approved school so that you will be eligible to obtain certification. It is important to note that while one specific type of training program is not required by potential employers, they will be looking for some type(s) of certification to ensure that you have adequate knowledge for this position. Depending upon which type of training program that you choose to complete, it may take from just a few days up to a few years to complete. Generally speaking, you can expect to be required to complete a 200 hour training program in order to be able to gain your certification.

This extensive training program will teach you everything you need to know about traditional yoga techniques, the history and philosophy of yoga, a variety of yoga teaching methods, and anatomy and physiology. Should you decide to pursue a formal degree, a certificate program or health and fitness degree is likely to be a good fit for your future career path. Remember, a formal degree is not required, but it will help you to be more marketable in the work place. Take a few moments and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that are particularly appealing to you and that you feel will aide you in accomplishing your goals. As a certified yoga instructor it may be possible for you to work within a health fitness center, at a spa or resort, or at a yoga studio. In addition, depending upon your location it may also be possible for you to open your own yoga studio and work as the primary yoga instructor.