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Does the subject of geography excite you? Can you not imagine having a profession that isn’t related to geography? Are you ready to take your passion for geography and put it to work for you? If yes was your only answer to these questions, then let’s take a moment and identify what options you will have with this potential career path. While it is not necessary to obtain your master’s degree in this field of study, it will definitely allow you to pursue many more employment options. For instance, by obtaining your master’s degree in geography you will be able to work in an advanced area of geography or in an area of geographical research. Again, although it is not required, many students choose an area of concentration. Common student choices for a concentration in geography are: human and regional geography, urban geography, behavioral geography, political geography, economic geography, physical and environmental geography, or technical geography. Find a geography school or course below for your career training.

Of course, before you will be admitted into a degree program you must have completed an undergraduate degree program in a geography related area. As you work to obtain your master’s degree in geography you will be required to complete research based academic classes, geography laboratory assignments, and clinically based geography fieldtrips. A master’s level curriculum will require you to interact with a variety of geographical settings and real life environments. Depending upon the specific requirements of your school’s program, you may be expected to teach undergraduate geography classes to students. You can also expect to complete classes such as: fundamentals of climatology, geography economics, urban and rural geography, biogeography studies, and cultural geography. Just prior to graduation, you will likely be required to complete a capstone project or an internship. Feel free to peruse our site in search of any schools that particularly appeal to you and that you feel will address your educational and career goals. Any of these schools will gladly send you a complimentary information packet detailing their educational offerings.

With a degree in geography, there are actually many specialized areas of geography that you can pursue for employment. For instance, you can work in an area of cartography, industrial geography, political geography, or geomorphology. If none of these areas appeal to you then you may want to pursue the multiple career options that are contained within areas of geoscientist, geographical technician, physical geographer, or geographic information specialist. It is important to note that in order to work in any of these capacities you will need to have completed a master’s degree program. However, an undergraduate degree program in geography will also allow you to seek employment in many different areas.