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History College Majors

History College Degree

Do your friends and family consider you a history buff? Are you looking for occupations that you can pursue that will allow you to use your passion for history? Do you have the desire to share your passion for history with other individuals? With a graduate level degree in history you will be adequately prepared to work as an instructor or as a researcher at the post-secondary level. Should you decide to obtain your doctorate level degree you will be able to seek employment as an academic historian, a historic preservationist, a history professor, a conservator, or a restoration expert. If you need a single course or want to become a history major then check out the schools below. In order to have any significant job opportunities in the field of history you will want to obtain a minimum of your master's level degree. Of course, before you can be admitted into a master's degree program you must have completed your undergraduate degree program in a field relative to history. Depending upon your chosen area of concentration, you can complete your Master of Arts degree in modern European history, American history, world history, military history, and women's history, among others. Regardless of which area of concentration you choose to pursue, you can expect to spend the majority of your time learning to use a variety of research methods and theories in order to identify valuable information from many different sources.

Generally speaking, this will require you to sift through archived materials and to then analyze your historical discoveries. Although specific coursework is likely to vary from one school to another, a graduate student in history can expect to complete classes like: public history, a seminar in world history, the American Revolution, historical events of the 20th century, United States history, ancient Roman wars, medieval European history, and the United States civil war. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the schools that are listed on our site. This is sure to help you make an informed decision about the most appropriate educational path for you. With a master's degree in history there are many different venues that you can seek employment within. For instance, you would be eligible to work within a historical society, at a university, or in a museum. Within these venues you may be able to work as a curator, an archivist, a document editor, an oral historian, a historical consultant, a media specialist, or a historical manuscripts interpreter. Of course, with a master's level degree you would also be qualified to be a history professor at a post-secondary institute.


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