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Did someone recently suggest that maybe you should think about pursuing a career in military history? Did you look at them with a somewhat crazy look in your eye because you really didn’t know anything about how to go about becoming eligible for a career in this field? Although the most common employment options in the field of military history is in an area of the government or in the academic venue, there are definitely other options. For instance, your knowledge would also make you a great candidate to write a book or to serve as a consultant for movies about particular wars. Find courses in military history and work on your degree. To be qualified to work in a military history position you will likely want to begin by obtaining some level of formal training. Due to recent technological advances, it may be possible for you to complete your degree program in a completely online format. For instance, you could choose to start by completing your associate’s degree in military history; you should be able to complete this degree program in about two years. This level degree program will be designed to teach you about foreign policy, historical perspectives, and political science.

In addition to general education courses you can expect to be required to complete classes such as: American foreign policy, world politics, war and civilization, foreign relations, and the history of the American military. However, if you plan to work as a historian, a teacher, or as an archivist, then you will need to complete a master’s level degree program. The curriculum of a master’s degree will be designed to teach you about the debates and the theories of non-western and American warfare. You can expect to thoroughly study the historical interpretation of events, as well as social and economic factors that influenced how specific events occurred. You can also expect your coursework to help you further develop your research skills and your analytical skills. In addition, you may be required to complete a thesis project or a capstone project. Take a few minutes and check out the schools shown on our site. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any that particularly appeal to you. As previously mentioned, a degree holder in military history will be able to seek employment in many different governmental agencies. Within these agencies, you may be responsible for conducting any number of research projects or you could be asked to serve in an advisory capacity. In addition, it may also be possible for you to be a teacher, a historical tour guide, to work in a museum, or to work as an analyst in the army or the CIA. Take that next important step and start your military history degree today!