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Become a Technical Writer

Technical Writing Degree

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you have the ability to create an effective piece of writing no matter what the topic at hand is? Do you have the ability to write pieces that are correctly punctuated, with no spelling or grammatical errors? If you answered yes to each of these questions then maybe it is time for you to consider pursuing a career as a technical writer. As a technical writer you will spend the majority of your time writing a wide variety of technical articles, brochures, reports, and manuals for any different number of reasons and uses. Depending upon your specific place of employment, you may also be expected to coordinate how the graphics are displayed in your writing piece and how the document is produced. It is important to understand that a certificate in technical writing can also benefit students who are pursuing a degree in other areas, such as science or internet technology. Keep in mind, if you plan to work as a technical writer then you may be well served to complete a master’s degree program in an area such as writing or English.

It is common for students who want to be a technical writer to complete a certificate based program at a local community college or a vocational institute. As previously mentioned, this type of certificate program can also benefit individuals who are pursuing degrees in other industries. Within a technical writing certificate program you can expect to complete coursework like: online document creation, technical writing, user guide creation, project management, and performing research.

However, if you choose to pursue a technical writing program that is a part of a four year degree program you can expect the course requirements to be slightly different. For instance, this type of degree program will generally consist of classes such as: web writing, professional writing, information design, scientific writing, and technical writing and editing. Take a few minutes and check out the schools that are shown on our site. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of these schools so that you will be informed as to what they can offer you educationally. Should you pursue a technical writing certification program within another four year degree program you will be qualified to seek employment in positions such as: technical writer, webmaster, technical editor, scientific writer, or project manager. The schools below offer technical writing training ranging from certificate to graduate level.


Technical Writing Program Levels