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Do you consider yourself to be a science geek? Has science always been the subject area that you excel in? Have you decided to put that natural ability to work for you in a future career path? Maybe now is an ideal time for you to consider obtaining a formal degree in biology so that you can work in a related area. As a biologist you will likely spend the majority of your time studying how different physical conditions and environmental factors can affect the basic principles of plant and animal life. You may also be expected to study how bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals can react with a variety of animals, plants, and marine species. It is important to note that biology can be divided into two major areas of study: zoology and botany.

Within these two areas of biology there are several different branches and sub-disciplines that you can choose to pursue. For instance, you can choose to focus your studies on organismal biology, cellular biology, or molecular biology. Within each sub-discipline of biology there are numerous positions that you will be qualified to pursue. If you always wanted to become a biologist then keep reading.

There are a couple of educational options that a student who is interested in the field of biology can choose to pursue. First, you could choose to obtain an associate’s degree, which is ideal for students who plan to transfer to a pre-veterinary or pre-medicine program. In an associate’s program you can expect to study microbiology, calculus, environmental biology, and chemistry. However, a bachelor’s degree is much more research based than an associate’s degree program. In this degree program you will be required to complete botany, ecology, chemistry, and molecular biology. A master’s degree will give you the chance to study neurobiology, genetics and evolution, and research methodologies. Take a moment and request a free information packet from any of the math and science schools on our site that particularly appeal to you.

As previously mentioned, there are many different areas of biology that you can choose to concentrate your studies in. Your possible employment options will be greatly influenced by which area you choose to focus on as you complete your degree program. For instance, if you focus your studies on zoology then you will be able to work in areas of botany, forestry, marine biology, or biotechnology. On the contrary, if you focus on molecular biology then you will be more qualified for positions in public health, biomedical research, or medicine. The employment possibilities are quite endless and will largely depend upon your strengths as they apply to the field of biology. Finding a school that will train you for your biology degree is simple, the hardest part is taking that first step!

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