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Online Colleges in Colorado

Online Colleges & Universities in Colorado

Choosing which college to attend is not quite as simple as it sounds. A lot of factors come into play when choosing a college – tuition costs, degrees offered, student services available etc. In addition to these, another equally important factor is the location of the university. The importance of a good location cannot be stressed enough. The weather, environment, locale – everything comes into play when you go to a new location. Moreover, career opportunities also vary from place to place, making it even more important that you choose the right location. One great place to go to college is Colorado. It ticks all the necessary factors mentioned above. Pretty environment nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and hugged by nature, few things come close to the joy of waking up to the mountains, and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities on weekends. Moreover, the city is very peaceful and full of friendly faces. Furthermore, it has several world-class universities which will help you become a leader in your field of interest. These universities are renowned for their competitive programs and diverse offerings. All these things combined makes it impossible to not give a serious thought about going to college in Colorado. Below we have compiled some of the best universities you can go to in Colorado:
Colorado College
Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado College is a leading liberal arts institution. It follows a unique Block Plan of academic classes in order to comply with the state’s year-round education schedule. Students can choose from more than 50 degree programs spread across various fields, making it impossible for them not to find a subject they like. Students can also engage in more than 100 student organizations and club sports. In addition to the regular degree programs, Colorado College also offers a variety of unique programs, such as East Asian languages, feminist and gender studies, and geology. Moreover, it also offers pre-professional programs in engineering, law, and health professions. Students are required to complete a two-block first-year experience before declaring a major, followed by the completion of a 32-block sequence in order to graduate. Each block lasts three-and-a-half weeks, with students allowed to take one class per block. Colorado College has produced some of the finest scholars in recent years, including eight Fulbright scholarship recipients between 2011 and 2016. Its alumni association includes members such as Lori Garver, the deputy administrator of NASA, and Ken Salazar, former senator of Colorado and Interior Secretary under the Obama administration.
Some degree programs offered by Colorado College include:
Molecular Biology
Offering an innovative outlook, this program provides students with “laboratory rich” courses to give them the necessary laboratory experience. The different courses under this program teaches the students to understand organisms on a cellular and molecular level. Critical thinking skills are developed, which allows students to perform and interpret experiments, develop theories and test hypotheses about model organisms, cells and molecules.
This program builds on the history of philosophy. It allows students to explore the influential perspectives on human experience, and ideas that challenge the traditional thinking patterns. The rich array of courses covering critical and comparative philosophy allows for contemporary approaches to philosophy. Students get to learn Asian, African, Western and Latin approaches to philosophy, in addition to that of the marginalized and oppressed groups within the Western world.
Colorado State University – Fort Collins (CSU-Fort Collins)
CSU-Fort Collins was founded in 1879 and started with 20 students. Situated just north of Denver, it now has more than 27,000 students. It is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top universities in a variety of categories and disciplines, and offers hundreds of undergraduate programs across seven academic areas of interest. For graduate students, there are 14 fields in which they can pursue a degree or certificate. CSU-Fort Collins allows students to keep their options open thanks to the “undeclared exploration” rule – they aren’t required to declare right away. They can follow a customized study plan, which is available through their academic advisor. CSU-Fort Collins offers an incredibly diverse selection of academic programs, all of which are designed to bring the best out of students. The institution promotes student engagement through a host of environmental programs involving climate-smart agriculture.
Some degree programs offered by CSU-Fort Collins are:
Accounting Degree
Graduating from this program enables students to be fully prepared to pursue careers in the world of Business. The unique blend of courses under this program provides students with a wealth of practical knowledge as well as in-depth topic coverage necessary to find success in their chosen careers.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
This department has been a leader in innovation for over a century. The faculty provide students with all the necessities to take on the vast and continually evolving field of electrical and computer engineering. The fundamentals of each and every student is emphasized, and creative thinking and collaboration with other students practiced.
University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus (CU-Anschutz)
Located in Aurora, CU-Anschutz consists of a student body of almost 19,000 students studying in health related fields. It is among the newest health science campuses in the country, and boasts extraordinary healthcare learning facilities as well as two new hospitals. CU-Anschutz offers students more than 700 courses across 43 degree programs. The programs offered include the likes of nursing, medicine, pharmaceutical science, public health and dental medicine. It has produced more than 35 Fulbright Scholarship recipients, thanks to their contributions to the fields of medical research and other international interests. It is affiliated with the University of Colorado Hospital, University Physicians, Inc. and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Students can enjoy sports and recreation activities such as personal training, equipment rental and more. The School accolades include the discovery of how to prevent the reproduction of the AIDS virus, as well as developing a vaccine for shingles.
Some programs offered by CU-Anschutz include:
Applied Biostatistics
This program is designed for students looking for higher education in the field of public health, featuring specialization in biostatistics and informatics. Students get to learn a variety of generally used statistical methods, as well as their application in medical and public health research. Coursework, lab work and a capstone project enable the students to become experts in design, collection, management, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Graduates of this program can look forward to successful careers in pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, health centers, and medical centers.
Dental Surgery
This program has been producing competent and compassionate dentists for more than 40 years. A perfect combination of classroom and clinical training enables the students to master the skills necessary for providing comprehensive dental care, and becoming experts in the field.
Students of this program should expect to:
• Rotate through the Advanced Clinical Training Service (ACTS) program, which allows students to provide dental services for a period of eight months in an undeserved community across Colorado
• Participate in campus-wide interprofessional education programs – which include the award-winning Frontier Center program – designed to increase collaboration across health disciplines in order to improve patient outcomes
• Take advantage of research opportunities

University of Colorado Boulder (UC-Boulder)
UC-Boulder is another of Colorado’s leading universities. It is one of just 34 public research centers in the country to be awarded the prestigious Association of American Universities distinction. UC-Boulder has more than 30,000 students, with over 400 sports, recreation and student government groups making it one of the most active campuses in the country. The advisors ensure comprehensive student care, offering numerous counselling options. This university has a student: faculty ratio of 18:1, which ensures in-depth discussion of class topics. It offers more than 90 different programs and over 3,700 courses across nine different colleges and schools, conducted by esteemed faculty including five Nobel laureates and eight MacArthur fellows, among other national and international award holders.
Some of the most popular degree programs offered by UC-Boulder include:
Aerospace Engineering
This degree prepares students to design, test and simulate complex aerospace and related systems. They learn to develop new technologies to be used in commercial aviation, space exploration and defense systems. Students learn to conceptualize, plan, build and develop designs and theories, which regularly win national awards.
Environmental Engineering
Students of this program work on issues such as wastewater processing, solid and hazardous waste disposal, indoor and outdoor air pollution, drinking water treatment, and renewable and sustainable energy sources. They find ways to deliver clean drinking water to developing communities, tackle oil spills in oceans, and design effective recycling systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from factories and vehicles.
University of Denver (DU)
Founded in 1864, DU is ranked among the top ranked private colleges in Colorado, thanks to its array of diverse programs which are rooted in ethnics and social responsibility. It has a campus measuring 125 acres, and houses a student body of almost 12,000.
DU offers students more than 100 undergraduate programs and over 100 graduate programs in 25 fields. It is dedicated to statewide and global environment conservation and sustainability efforts and is the biggest buyers of wind-energy among state colleges. Between 2006 and 2015, DU managed to bring down its carbon footprint by almost 30%. The campus has now been officially designated as an arboretum site.
Some of the most popular degree programs studied at DU include:
Ecology and Biodiversity
Students of this program get a hands-on experience in studying ecology and biodiversity in the state-of-the-art Biological Sciences facility. The lectures and laboratory experiments helps students master the different aspects of molecular biology, cell biology and microbiology.
This program is designed to turn students into experts in nanophysics. It covers the workings of the natural world on subatomic scales. The faculty helps students engage in research, and encourages critical thinking and internships at national laboratories and industrial firms.

Scholarships for Students in Colorado

Students can not only get world-class education at these universities, but also receive scholarships to further strengthen their resumes. Some of these scholarships include:
Leadership Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to students who show outstanding academic performances, leadership and extracurricular achievements. This scholarship is worth $40,000, with recipients getting increments of $5,000 per semester.
Trustee Scholarship
This scholarship, worth $28,000, is given to excellent students who show outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements. Recipients are given increments of $3,500 per semester for four-years.
Presidential Scholarship
This four-year scholarship is worth $20,000 and is provided – in increments of $2,500 per semester – to students who show outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship
Awarded to a graduate student who has accomplished outstanding achievements, this scholarship provides full support for one academic year. It provides a scholarship of $9,000 and Resident Instruction tuition for the academic year.
Academic Excellence Scholarship
This scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate exemplary focus and hard work in their academic endeavors. Recipients must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above in order to receive this scholarship.
Career Enhancement Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to working professionals who look to further advance their careers by gaining new knowledge and skills in their respective fields. In order to be eligible, applicants need to demonstrate how the program benefit their profession and career.
Diversity Advocate Scholarship
This scholarship recognizes a leader in community involvement and engagement. Applicants must demonstrate how they promote bonding within the community and must display a commitment to promoting education, awareness and appreciation of diversity to the community.

High Education Careers in Colorado

In addition to top-notch education and fantastic scholarships, you can also find lots of career opportunities in Colorado, both in the public and the private sector. Graduation from these institutions will see you recognized as a top student, and give you a head start in the job market. In no time at all, you will find yourself well on the way to establishing your own career. Some potential careers include:
Engineer – Frac/Acid
This post is perfect for those who are looking to further their careers and reach the next step. Candidates must be able to:
- Provide Frac/Acid job design and support
- Develop and maintain friendly relations with the customer base in the designated area
- Perform assignments using knowledge and demonstration of basic engineering principles
- Work independently and provide directions to others at worksites
- Function as a communications link between the customer and the solutions team
Typical requirements for this job include:
- A degree in Engineering
- Minimum 2 years’ experience
Mechanical Engineer
Another career option requiring an Engineering background, this post requires the candidate to:
- Understand, plan and execute technical activities in accordance with policies, procedures and work instructions
- Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings and schematics
- Originate specifications, control documents, verify and validate plans, procedures, reports or other documentation supporting design and development activities
- Work with fellow Engineers to implement operating procedures, resolve system issues and provide technical information
- Prepare material for periodic design reviews
- Conduct periodic design reviews
- Ensure conformance of products with Engineering design and performance specifications
- Execute engineering design and development activities which comply with customer quality, cost, and schedule requirements
- Conduct research to test and analyze feasibility, design, operations and performance of equipment, components and systems
- Estimate costs and submit bids for Engineering
The experience and skills required for this career are as follows:
- Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
- Ability to work rapidly with minimum supervision on projects involving both small and large engineering teams
- Previous experience in defining, simulating, implementing, and testing projects
- Ability to work in highly collaborative, fast-paced environments with emphasis in rapid prototyping and fielding of capabilities
Wind Energy Manufacturing Engineer/Analyst
This career choice is perfect for those who look forward to innovation for the future. It requires the candidate to:
- Manufacture cost assessments as part of a multi-functional team focusing primarily in wind, but potentially also in marine hydrokinetic, photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
- Develop detailed cost models to evaluate opportunities for cost reductions
- Evaluate and articulate the impacts of manufacturing and supply chain constraints and considerations of wind technology and design
- Assess the potential effect of manufacturing innovations on future wind technology development and advancement
- Collect data on clean energy technology, manufacturing costs and processes
- Interpret model results for policy, market, economic, and/or technology analysis
- Evaluate trade and supply chain issues related to renewable energy and energy efficiency technology market trends
- Lead the connection of wind manufacturing analysis work among multiple internal groups and with key clients
The required education, experience and skills for this career include:
- Bachelor’s degree in related Engineering field
- Extensive engineering technical expertise
- Good knowledge of other related disciplines
- Leadership qualities in several areas of team, task, or project lead responsibilities
- Excellent writing, interpersonal and communication skills
Systems Engineer
This career option also requires the candidate to be an Engineering program graduate. The basic qualifications include:
- Impressive interpersonal skills and teamwork with internal customers
- Excellent organizational oral/written communication skills
- Proficiency with standard documentation and presentation tools
- Bachelor’s degree from an Accredited college in a related discipline
Business Analyst
This position is in high demand at the moment, and is the perfect career choice for those who graduate from Business backgrounds. The responsibilities include:
- Data analysis – interpretation, evaluation, and interrelation of data
- Development of integrated business analyses and projections for incorporation into strategic decision making
- Facilitation of meetings
- Direct error management processing
- Tracking and documentation of error resolution
The requirements and skills are as follows:
- Experience in Systems
- Bachelor’s degree in a related field
- Expertise in Microsoft Office, including Excel and PowerPoint
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
Environmental Scientist
Perfect for those who feel more at home with working with the environment, the responsibilities include:
- Carrying out tasks associated with environmental regulatory program areas, such as hazardous material management, hazardous waste management, air quality, storage tank management, pollution prevention etc.
- Reviewing data from field sampling activities
- Consulting on best management plans to mitigate or prevent contamination
The required qualifications are as follows:
- Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, engineering or other related fields
- Proficient understanding and compliance with Federal and State regulations
- Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
- Demonstration of reliability, self-motivation, and a strong work ethic
- Carrying out tasks accurately in a collaborative environment
- Ability to maintain professionalism and courtesy in all interactions
In short, the state of Colorado is the perfect solution when choosing which state to go to for college. Its serene scenery provides a mental peace. There are a number of world-class institutes to get your degree from, which provide lots of scholarship opportunities. Moreover, lots of career opportunities are also available in this state, making it a perfect place to pursue higher education in.