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Are you thinking about following your educational degree at a college in Iowa? Are you not currently a resident of Iowa, so you feel the need to thoroughly do your research in order to learn everything you can about what this state has to offer you? Have you already chosen your educational degree program and you want to be sure that a college in Iowa will adequately prepare you for your future career path? If you answered with a confident yes to each of these questions, then you definitely don’t want to stop reading now. Below, you will find the most pertinent information regarding this wonderful state and all that it has to offer you in your educational pursuits.

Iowa is located in the Midwestern part of the United States that is commonly referred to as the American Heartland. In this state you can expect to see vast areas that are used for agricultural crops, expansive grasslands, and forests. In addition, while pursuing your education you will be living among what is classified as a humid continental climate that consistently experiences extremes of both heat and cold at different times of the year.

As far as choosing a college or university to attend, Iowa is home to four schools that are ranked among the nation’s top 100 liberal arts colleges. First, Grinnell College is categorized as a private liberal arts college and was ranked as number 14 in the nation. This college also offers twelve interdisciplinary concentration or major areas and about 28 academic majors. Generally speaking, your area of major will be focused in an area such as science, humanities, or social studies. Cornell College is another well-known and well recognized learning institution. This private liberal arts college follows a nontraditional block schedule called One Course at a Time, which makes it possible for students to focus on one specific class for three and a half weeks before they advance on to a new class. Cornell offers 35 major areas, 25 minor areas, and 11 professional programs for you to choose from as you plan your educational path.

Another viable option is the Luther College, which has been in existence since 1861. This college is still affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church and will give you the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in about 45 different academic fields. In addition, you can choose to pursue a preprofessional program in about eleven fields of study, such as law, engineering, arts management, pharmacy, and medicine. It is also important to note that, as with practically any state, you can choose to pursue your degree program through an online learning format or through a hybrid approach to your education. This may make it possible for you to complete some of your degree requirements from the comfort of your own home, you may have the chance to attend some evening classes, and it may also allow you to maintain your current employment obligations.
Also known as Hawkeye State, Iowa is a state in the United States of America and located in the Midwestern United States. Its surrounding states include Wisconsin and Illinois to the east, Missouri to the south, Nebraska and South Dakota to the west and Minnesota to the north. It has been listed as one of the safest states to live Freshmen. According to land area extensiveness, Iowa is 26th and 30th in most populated. It is also the birthplace of U.S. President Herbert Hoover and the Vice President Henry A. Wallace. Iowa is also credit with the start of the high school movement in the U.S.
Colleges in Iowa
Iowa State University
This University is located in Ames, Iowa, United States. It has been classified as a science and technology research university hence the nickname cyclones. It has also been designated as an innovation and an economic prosperity university. Iowa State University is the birthplace of computer technology revolution; this was the invention of the first electronic digital computer. This is the only university that has a U.S. Department of Energy research laboratory within the campus. The University contains over 160 buildings, several of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Iowa state is contains eight different colleges and two schools that offer 100 Bachelor degree programs, 112 Masters Programs and 8 PhD programs. There is also an additional degree program in veterinary medicine. Some of the major degree programs taken there include the following;
• Financial Accounting
The course generally deals with the accounting cycle, business terminology, basic control procedures and the preparation and evaluation of financial reports while putting emphasis on financial statement analysis.
• Aero Space Engineering
This program deals with aerospace engineering problems and methods on how to solve the issues hence presenting solutions through technical reports.
• Civil Engineering
This course deals with environmental issues that crop up within as society and tries to teach on how to curb such problems through engineering skills.
• Design
Here, the student is introduced to the concept of design thinking as it appears in the design fields, this includes methodologies of reasoning and problem-solving.
• Economics
This is a course in the school of business that deals with resource allocation, opportunity cost, comparative and absolute advantage. Supply and market demand are part of the program.
The University of Iowa
The University of Iowa (UI) also known as Hawkeyes, is a flagship public university located in Iowa City, Iowa. This university is organized into eleven colleges offering more than 200 areas of study and seven professional degrees. The campus covers 1,700 acres centered along the banks of the Iowa River and is roughly bordered by Park Road and the U.S. Highway 6 to the North and Dubuque to the East. The university was the original developer of the “Master of Fine Arts “degree and hosts the world renounced Iowa writers. The University of Iowa is recognized as one of the top institutions of higher learning in the country and offers over 5,000 courses are offered at the University. The university’s library is the largest library within that state. Some of the major courses offered by this university include the following;
• Accounting
This is a dynamic field in business that aids in mentoring and creating problem solvers and business advisers who can lead any business into success. Completion of the course allows you to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams.
• Actuarial Science
This course aids in the making of complete business executives who have been professionally trained in the mathematical sciences and have specialized in evaluating financial risks. The University Of Iowa has one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious actuarial science programs within the state.
• Chemical Engineering
This is an undergraduate program that involves improving and applying industrial applications to new products hence improving the world at large. This program combines engineering principles with mathematical knowledge and physics to develop and operate processes that convert raw materials into finished products. In UI, the department of chemical and biological engineering is small enough to ensure maximum attention to all faculty members hence ensuring the success of the student.
• Entrepreneurial management
This program helps student to gain an entrepreneurial mindset that will aid them in setting up new enterprises and also acquire skills on how to manage businesses. This certificate program focuses on innovation and creativity; this means that they will acquire the ability to recognize, evaluate and seize opportunities.
• Informatics
This course brings together the computational science together with the humanities, arts and biological health in an inter-merging format in order to solve issues in the society. In UI, the student is developed in terms of competence in programming and data manipulation in a particular cognate discipline.
The University of Northern Iowa (UNI)
UNI is a public university located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States. The university offers more than 90 major programs across its branches. UNI is ranked fourth in the nation for universities hosting the most number of students who study abroad in within the master’s degree institutions. The university has a powerful system that allows students to study from outside the state and even the country. This happens mainly through the National Student Exchange. This university offers many major programs and some of them include the following;
• Accounting
This program will provide you with skills that will aid you to prepare and interpret business financial information hence benefiting the financial organization and lead it to success. The University is committed to making strong financial decision makers; this fact is what puts the University of Northern Iowa at the top of the list among universities offering accounting degree program.
• Anthropology
Anthropology is the act of making the world a safer place for human differences. It is the study of human biological and cultural variations, hence providing the students with a clear picture of human variations thus appreciation of the same.
• Economics
This program will give you the full picture and clear understanding of the national economy and therefore teach you on how to think critically on how materials and resources are bought, traded and exchanged.
• Graphics Technologies
In this program, the student will gain the technical skills through hands-on application for applied engineering and manufacturing. This university houses the only graphics production lab in the state of Iowa.
• Theater
For students who are interested in the study of theater and are passionate for it, this course teaches just that. The program ensures that the student gains skills on the theater field by making sure they appear on costs in the school shows and are actively involved in the departmental classes right from the beginning.
Allen College
Allen College is a nursing school located in Waterloo, Iowa, United States. This is a private, non-profit institution. This school offers many degree programs in the school of nursing and other health services. Allen College programs have been accredited by numerous organizations, hence confirming that the programs there are society friendly and economic building. Since it is a school of nursing, all the programs offered here are from the health sector. These programs include the following;
• Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT)
Nuclear medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the utilization of nuclear properties contained in radioactive and stable nuclides to make appropriate decisions about the physiologic and anatomic conditions of the body. The course helps in making new and reliable nuclear medicine technologists in the society.
• Dental hygiene
This is an online program that offers dental hygienists the opportunity to further their education without the restrictions of work schedules and distance. The school’s goals for this program is to make students who can practice evidence-based decision making in the dental hygiene program.
• Medical laboratory science
The aim of this course is to provide knowledge from the humanities sector, social and natural sciences and lastly medical laboratory science in the aim off demonstrating professional medical laboratory science.
• Public Health
This program aims at preparing graduates who can become leaders in various healthcare settings. This degree to some extent serves as a basis for the study of occupational therapy and other degree programs in the health sector.
Briar Cliff University
This is a private university located in Sioux City, Iowa, United States. It’s a Franciscan, Roman Catholic and liberal arts university that is committed to improve education within the liberal arts and Catholic perspective. The campus is located on a hilltop on the outskirts of Sioux City, a few miles from downtown. Briar Cliff University is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The academic curriculum is based on a liberal arts core; this is to state that each student has to take a class in seven different academic areas to graduate from the University. The University offers four-year academic programs in over 30 fields of study, all of the bachelor degree. Some of the major courses taken the university include the following;
• Accounting
This is a course in the school of business that mentors students into becoming problem solvers and business advisers who can see through a business plan to success. Accountants are the most precious part of the business since they determine the success of that enterprise.
• Psychology
For those interested in this program, the university ensures that the student have had a face to face interaction with skilled instructors. There is a schedule for internships, research and curriculum design to aid the student in further learning. This helps create psychologists that can be depended upon by the society at the end of the program.
• Business Administration
This program incorporates finance, human resource management, international business management and marketing to come up with all round business managers who can run any organization into success.
• Marketing
This program incorporates a theoretical as well as an applied perspective on consumer needs, wants and behaviors hence improving the student's skills in advertising and selling a product to the market by studying the market segmentation, positioning and demand.


Scholarships in Iowa

Iowa has many different scholarship programs. The search for a scholarship, however, may not be that easy since most of these scholarships have nothing to do with geotargeting. Below are some of the scholarships available in the state of Iowa;
• Army Rotc Green to Go Scholarship Program
This program is eligible only to U.S citizens who are under the age of 31 and have no criminal convictions. You must have served a minimum of two years of Active Duty and must have graduated from high school. You must also possess a letter of acceptance to the school of choice from the PMS of that Army ROTC Battalion.
The scholarship offers tuition or room and board support, additional money for books and pays for attending a leader development and assessment course.
• Brian Person Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was started in honor of Brian Person who died of brain cancer. He was a basketball player in the state of Iowa. The person was the true definition of hard work and recognized the efforts of commitment. The intent of this scholarship is to recognize three outstanding athletes involved in the Iowa games. This post-secondary is based on the virtues of citizenship, trustworthiness, and respect.
• Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship
This scholarship gives its members tuition assistance for their education goals. However, this is a one-time award, and the recipient can’t ask for a second. For one to be eligible for this scholarship, he/she must first be a member of the Catholic United for at least two years, must be entering the first of second year of their post high school education and must include post-secondary information and their involvement with the parish volunteer team.
• Emu National Scholars Program
This scholarship pays for 30 credit hours (15 hours per semester) out of the full tuition fee for the four academic years. The recipient must be freshmen or a new transfer student and must be from within the state. The Freshmen recipients must stay in the school’s households/hostels for the first academic year.
• The Douglas MacInnes ALS Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to students who have been affected by the ALS. For one to be eligible for this scholarship, he/she must have been influenced by the ALS at some point in their life. The recipient must be a high school senior or a freshman and must be a citizen of the United States. For the duration of the award, the recipient must be a full-time student. The student must have a high school GPA of above 3.0 and must provide official transcripts to Doug to qualify for the second award.


Find Schools to Reach your Career Goals

There are hundreds of different major career options in the state of Iowa, what matters is where you want to position yourself career wise. All of these careers have different specifications in their field of work hence require certain needs to get them. Some of the major career options in the state of Iowa include the following;
Soil and Plant Scientist
A soil and plant scientist is the kind of scientist that is concerned with the breeding, production, yield and the management of agricultural plants by studying their growth in different kinds of soil and the composition of soil as they relate to plant growth.
To qualify for this career, there are some skills and education level and degrees that one must possess. The major degree course for this career is the Doctoral Degree; this is a must for all soil and plant scientists. However, there are other supplementary programs that one can take to aid him/her to get this job. Some of these programs include the following; agriculture and horticultural plant breeding, agronomy and crop science, horticultural science, plant sciences, soil chemistry and physics and viticulture and enology. As for skills, the person should be stress tolerant, social oriented, innovative and must be an analytical thinker.
Culinary Art and Cooks
A cook is a person who prepares food for clients and helps to invent new methods of cooking hence new menu items. For those who love to cook, this career is a perfect choice for them since being a cook also involves passion. To be a head cook, the education requirements for this job are that one must have gone through the four-year course on hotel management. Prep cooks, however, don’t need any education background. Kitchens are at times hot, noisy and stressful places, so one must be able to work effectively and quickly even under pressure to come to a successful cook.
Actuaries are people who analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty by the use of mathematics, statistics and financial theories to assess the risk at hand and help find a solution to the problem and therefore minimize the total cost of that particular risk. To make it as an actuary, the following education fields must have been covered; bachelor's degree in mathematics, actuarial science, statistics or any other course in the analytical field. Economics applied statistics, and corporate finance must also have been covered. Since actuarial science is wide, internship programs have been set up to help the student to determine on what actuarial field he/she should major on.
Legal and Legislators
Legislators are people who draft legislations and pass bills into laws through research, discussion and debate. This means that they must have a strong convincing and persuasive power. There is no specific education requirement to become a legislator, however, most legislators hold at least one bachelor degree. This means that any citizen from any walk of life and education background can qualify as a legislator.
A photographer’s primary duty is to capture images with professional cameras and is often responsible for editing the images using specialized software. Photographers are mostly self-employed and can work in many fields including the news, fine arts, and commercial companies. The major education background to make it as a photographer is the high school diploma, however; most photographers normally hold a post-high school degree.
Engineering Drafters
A drafter is a person who uses software to convert the designs of architects and engineers into technical drawings. These drawings contain information that can be used to build structures of machines, the dimensions of the project and what materials will be required to complete the work. A bachelor’s degree in drafting is compulsory for this line of work. The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) offers certificates to drafters, although this is no compulsory.
Airplane Pilots
Pilots are people who control a plane’s engine and navigate it in flight. They are also responsible for checking hydraulic and engine systems for pre-flight safety. Monitoring fuel consumption is also part of their duty. To qualify as a pilot, one must have a degree in aircraft operations, aviation or aeronautical engineering. A two months ground training and a 1500 hours flight experience are also compulsory in this line of work. Some of the skills required for this career include strong communication, problem-solving and observation skills. A commercial pilot’s license and instrument rating certificate may also be required.
School Counselors
Counselors are people who help people to make the most out of their lives during their moments of struggles and challenges. In other words, these are individuals who are trained to provide mental health, behavioral or emotional assistance for clients in need. The most common areas for this career is in the academic sector, health centers, and outpatient facilities. To be a certified counselor, you must possess a bachelor or a Ph.D. in the counseling degree program. A master’s degree or a certification is necessary to work in family and marriage counseling.