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Do you have your high school diploma in your hand? Are you now anxious to get started on the next phase of your life? Do you think you know exactly where you want to attend college, but you decided that maybe it’s not a bad idea to check into what a few other schools have to offer before committing? Have you been a life-long resident of Michigan, but you aren’t totally sure if you want to stay in this state to complete your post-secondary degree program? Don’t worry; it is a completely smart idea to weigh out your educational options. Done properly, this planning phase helps to ensure that you won’t make poor decisions that do not allow you to effectively work towards your goals. As with most states, Michigan has schools that will allow you to complete a formal degree program, schools that are more technically focused, and schools that offer a hybrid based approach that include online options. Essentially, it’s all about finding what is right for you and your needs!

There are five top colleges in the state of Michigan for you to consider; these have been ranked as most popular according to student choice and enrollment. Keep in mind, not only are these the top schools for this state, many of them are quite prestigious and have received national recognition. In all, Michigan has more than 190 colleges and universities for students to choose from; more than 60 of these institutions offer students a bachelor’s degree program and graduate level degrees can be completed at more than 40 of them. Michigan’s largest university is Michigan State University, which has also been recognized as the seventh largest in our nation. In addition, this university has the largest study abroad program out there, with campuses on every continent. You can pursue your degree in practically any field and at practically any level. The second great choice that this state offers is the University of Michigan. This university boasts great academic programs, which makes it possible for it to be recognized as one of the highest rated public institutions in the country.

Wayne State University is definitely a school that you will want to add to your list. Located in Detroit, this institution somewhat designs their degree programs toward graduate level students. Among other choices, you could elect to attend the College of Education, the College of Social Work, the College of Medicine, or the College of Business Administration. Or, perhaps you will choose to attend Central Michigan University, which is located in Mount Pleasant. This institution offers students eight academic divisions to choose from: College of Science and Technology, College of Education and Human Services, College of Chippewa Tribes, and the College of Business Administration. The fifth most popular choice in the state of Michigan is Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo. Although this school is recognized for its aviation school, it also offers degree programs in many other areas, such as fine arts, human services, business, and arts and sciences.