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Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Top Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Do you have your high school diploma in your hand? Are you now anxious to get started on the next step in your educational plan? Have you been a life-long resident of the great state of Oklahoma, but you aren’t totally sure if you want to stay in this state to complete your post-secondary degree program? Weighing out your educational options is always a smart idea. This planning phase serves as an effective step to help ensure that you don’t make poor decisions that do not work towards helping you to accomplish your educational and career goals. As with most states, Oklahoma has numerous schools that will allow you to complete a formal two year or four year degree program, schools that are more technically focused, and schools that offer a hybrid based approach that include online options.

Within the state of Oklahoma there are 141 total colleges for aspiring students to choose from; it is important to note that 37 of these offer bachelor’s level degrees and 27 of them offer advanced, graduate level degree programs. The largest university in Oklahoma’s school system is the University of Oklahoma at Norman. This university was founded in 1890 and is now recognized as being one of the best public institutions in the United States. At this institution you can pursue a graduate level program or an undergraduate degree program in areas such as business, arts and sciences, education, engineering, and journalism and mass communication. The second largest institution in this state is Oklahoma State University, which actually began as an agriculture and mechanical college. While this university is known for its great academic programs, it also is recognized for its athletic teams. At this great institution you will have the opportunity to obtain an undergraduate degree program or a graduate degree program in practically any field of study.

Another viable option for students to think about is the Central Oklahoma University, which is located just north of Oklahoma City in the city of Edmond. Within this university you will be able to choose to pursue a degree program within specific schools such as mathematics and science, liberal arts, arts, media, and design, business administration, education and professional studies, and the graduate studies and research school. Although it began as the Cherokee National Female Seminary, Northeastern State University now serves as one of the top five collegiate choices in the state of Oklahoma. This university, which is located east of Tulsa, offers students five different colleges to choose from: business and technology, science and health professions, education, optometry, and liberal arts. Lastly, you certainly do not want to forget to add Cameron University to your list of possibilities. This institution was actually created as an agricultural high school, but in recent years its areas of study broadened and it developed into a post-secondary institution. At Cameron University you can choose from one of five colleges: the School of Science and Technology, the School of Business, the Allied Health and Interdisciplinary Studies, the School of Liberal Arts, and the School of Graduate Studies.