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Pennsylvania Online Colleges

Accredited Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

Have you finished high school and you now have your high school diploma? Do you live in Pennsylvania and you are trying to decide the best place to attend that will allow you to further your education? Were you completely overwhelmed because of the variety of choices just in this one state? That is actually understandable; Pennsylvania has over 100 colleges and universities to choose from. However, some of these choices may not be practical for you due to their location and others may not offer degree programs in the specific area that you plan to pursue. It is important to note that in the state of Pennsylvania you have a wealth of environments to consider. Some of the top ranked colleges and universities are found in small, rural college towns, while others are amidst bustling city settings. In addition, while the top ranked schools in this state are quite selective in their admission process, there are many public colleges that you will likely also want to consider. If you have already identified the field of study that you plan to pursue a degree in, then you are well on your way to beginning the next level of your education. Keep in mind, you may also be interested in degree programs that contain the possibility of distance learning, at least in part or programs that are entirely online.

The University of Pennsylvania, which is a private Ivy League school, is a great choice for students in Pennsylvania. This university, which is one of the oldest institutions in the state, is located in downtown Philadelphia. Within this learning institution you will have the opportunity to pursue an education in the well-known school of business, school of law, or school of medicine. The University of Pennsylvania is recognized as being the fourth best post-secondary school in the United States; their educational programs are offered at an undergraduate level degree program or a graduate level degree program. It is important to note that this university has a very selective admissions process. Carnegie Mellon University is another great option for students in the state of Pennsylvania. Although this university is internationally known for its engineering programs, it also offers very strong programs in areas of business and public policy. Keep in mind, this is a private university that also has a highly selective admissions process. Currently, this learning institution is ranked as number 22 among the nation’s colleges and universities.

Lehigh University is another great option for students to consider. This is a small, private university that consists of four colleges: arts and sciences, business and economics, engineering and applied science, and education. This university is located about an hour from Philadelphia. Or, perhaps Pennsylvania State University will better suit you and your academic needs. This university, which has a large campus in central Pennsylvania, was founded in 1855. With a main campus located at University Park, students can pursue a wide variety of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.