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Online Degrees in Vermont

Top Online Colleges in Vermont

Do you have your high school diploma in hand and now you are itching to get started on the next phase of your education? Do you live in or near the state of Vermont and you are doing some research about possible learning institutions that interest you and that will help you achieve your goals? Or, maybe you don’t live in the state of Vermont now, but you are thinking that starting college may be the absolute best time to make a change in scenery. Regardless of what your thought process has been, you will definitely want to keep reading to learn what you need to know about the state of Vermont and its educational offerings.

While you are working on your educational requirements, you will be residing in the only New England state that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. In this state you will have the chance to experience several mountain ranges, such as the Green Mountains, the Taconic Mountains, and the Granitic Mountains. In addition, the Champlain Valley, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park will all be nationally recognized sites that you may want to visit during breaks from school.

The educational system in Vermont offers 30 colleges for students to choose from; 20 of them offer bachelor’s degree programs and 14 of them offer students the chance to complete a graduate or professional level degree program. Burlington, which is Vermont’s largest city, is home to the top two colleges in this state. Champlain College, which originally started out as a business college, now provides students the chance to complete an undergraduate or graduate level program in one of four academic divisions: Information Technology Sciences, Education and Human Studies, Business, or Communication and Creative Media. The University of Vermont, the second top school in the state, is also known to be one of the oldest colleges in this region. This university is made up of six schools and colleges from which you can choose an area to study.

However, if you lean more towards a military based education, then Norwich University may be an ideal fit for you. This university, which is located in Northfield, is the oldest private military college in the nation. Here, you will have the chance to study in an academic division such as humanities, architecture and art, social sciences, national services, or business and management. If you were hoping to attend a more religious based institution, then you will definitely want to consider Saint Michaels College. This catholic institution is located in Colchester, where students will study their chosen degree area amid a liberal arts curriculum. Saint Michaels offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. Middlebury College is the fifth most popular choice among students in Vermont. This school, which is located in the west central portion of the state, gives students the chance to study one of forty different departments and degree programs. In addition, they offer study abroad programs that you can participate in.