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Online Degrees in West Virginia

Accredited West Virginia Colleges

When you think of West Virginia, is your first thought that you really don’t know anything about what that state has to offer? Did someone recently suggest that you check into the colleges and universities in West Virginia to see if any of them fit your educational and career goals? Was it your first instinct to look at them a little crazy and then you later thought that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to at least check into what they have to offer you? Once you have completed your high school diploma requirements, it is a good idea to make a list of a few schools that you are potentially interested in and to then do your homework about each school and what they have to offer. Of course, this task is likely to be easier for you if you have already identified the type of degree program that you would like to pursue. Keep in mind, within the state of West Virginia you will likely be able to choose from traditional campus based universities, technical and vocational schools, junior colleges, and community colleges. In addition, you may also be able to pursue your chosen degree program through an online learning approach, whether it is fully online or a hybrid format.

One of the most popular student choices is West Virginia University, which is located in Morgantown. It is important to note that this city in West Virginia is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making this university a viable option for residents of Pennsylvania, also. Should you choose to attend this school you will be able to choose from one of fifteen schools and colleges as you work to complete a graduate or undergraduate level degree program. Marshall University is another great choice for students. Located in Huntington, which is near the Ohio state border, this university makes a great choice for students who are from Ohio as well as those who live in West Virginia. As with many other universities, you will have the chance to choose an area of study and to attend a specific college or school that will help you complete your degree program.

Fairmont State University is a top ranked university in West Virginia. Although this university began as a training school for aspiring teachers, students who attend this institution can now pursue a degree program in any number of areas. Or, perhaps the Mountain State University would offer degree programs and an environment that is more aligned with your needs. This university is located about an hour from the city of Charleston and will allow you the chance to pursue practically any degree level in any field of study. The fifth most popular educational choice in West Virginia is Shepherd University, which was originally named Shepherd College. This university, which is located in the Shenandoah Valley, offers students the chance to pursue a degree program in the areas of Education and Professional Studies, Business and Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.