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Appliance Installation and Repair Courses

Do you have a knack for fixing broken things? Do you enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together again so that they work better? Do you hope to put this knack to good use in a professional capacity? Perhaps you should consider pursuing a career in appliance installation and repair. It is common for individuals to complete a certificate program, which will prepare them for an entry-level position. However, it is also possible for students to pursue additional training in specialized areas. For instance, you could choose to become specially trained in domestic appliances or in commercial appliances. Start our appliance certification program today! In order to be trained to work as an appliance installer and/or repair person you will want to begin by completing some level of formal training. It is common for students to choose to complete a certificate based program or an associate’s degree program; you can typically find these at your local community college or vocational institute. It is important to note that while there is no recognized industry wide certification, it is quite common for individuals pursuing a career in this industry to complete a certification through the Environmental Protection Agency. However, there are many other volunteer certifications that you may choose to pursue. Generally speaking, a certificate program in this field of study lasts from nine to twelve months.

You can expect your certificate program to consist of classroom based instruction and hands-on, laboratory based classes. Although not all programs are identical, you can expect to work with many large home appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioning units in the areas of troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing. Take a moment and check out our site in search of schools that specifically appeal to you and that you think will address your educational goals. Feel free to request that these schools send you a complimentary information packet that will explain what they have to offer you.

With your training in appliance installation and repair you will be able to work on domestic or commercial appliances in several different venues. For instance, you can choose to open your own repair business or you can choose to work as a repairman for a larger corporation that will contract out your work. Find a quick appliance repair course from any of the schools below to get your training started.