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Are you interested in working as a motorcycle mechanic? Are you hesitant because you want to be sure that this is a viable career path? In your capacity as a motorcycle mechanic you will be trained to service and repair many different motorized vehicles. For instance, you may work on all-terrain vehicles, mopeds, choppers, off road motorcycles, and street motorcycles. On any given day you may be expected to repair brake lines, fix ignition systems, overhaul engines, change spark plugs, perform light body repairs, and clean carburetors. Generally speaking, it will be important that you are comfortable using a wide variety of tools, that you can interact with your customers, and that you are capable of explaining what mechanical functions you performed. In addition, you may find it necessary to explain certain procedures to clients in order to help them make an informed decision about pending repairs or improvements.

In order to be qualified to work as a motorcycle mechanic you will probably want to complete a certification program. Typically, vocational institutions, junior colleges, and community colleges offer certificate based programs in areas such as motorcycle repair, motorcycle technology, or motorcycle technician. You can expect a certificate program in this area to take you about 36 weeks to complete. Within the coursework you will be required to complete classes like: fuel systems, electrical systems, ignition systems, starting systems, the fundamentals of electricity, small engine repair and maintenance, troubleshooting, and exhaust and emissions controls.

Although it is voluntary, it may serve you well to become certified in several areas. In this industry it is common for mechanics to become certified from more than one specific motorcycle manufacturers. This will make you more marketable in the work place and able to service a larger base of customers. Take a few minutes and peruse our site in search of schools that specifically appeal to you in your educational pursuits. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the schools that you find interesting. This is sure to help you make a more informed decision regarding your future career path. With some level of formal training as a motorcycle mechanic you will also be able to seek employment in other areas of mechanical work. For instance, you may be able to work as an auto mechanic or as a diesel mechanic. Furthermore, you will be qualified to seek employment through an automotive dealership or a motorcycle shop. Good luck with your new motorcycle repair training program