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Are you interested in working as a plumber? Did your friends and family frown at you when you mentioned your educational intentions? Now are you trying to do your homework about this possible career path to ensure that you are making a good decision for your future? You’ve definitely come to the right place; keep reading to learn the most important information about this occupation. As a plumber you will definitely want to become licensed by the state that you live in. It is important to note that in order to be eligible for licensure you will need to know how to install and repair an irrigation system. In addition, you will also need to be familiar with all of the codes, laws, and regulations that apply to your profession. While it may not be required to complete a formal training or degree program in order to work in this occupation, by completing such a program you are more likely to be prepared for the licensure requirements as mandated by your state of residence. You can expect to be responsible for repairing water, sewer and plumbing systems, for fixing sinks or toilets, and for replacing broken or worn pipes. Start your plumbing training today.

In order to be qualified to work as a plumber it is highly recommended that you complete some level of training program. However, before you can be admitted into a certificate based program you must have completed approximately five years of relevant work experience. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if your collective experience is completed through a training program or through an apprenticeship. It is common for this type of training program to be offered at junior colleges, local community colleges, and vocational schools.

It is important to understand that within an apprenticeship program you will be required to complete approximately 144 credit hours each year. In order to be prepared to obtain your licensure you must: have an extensive knowledge of how to install a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, be able to identify many different types of pipe, and know how to safely handle the tools and materials that will be needed in this trade. Take a few minutes and check out the schools that are listed on the site. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the schools that are specifically interesting to you and that you think will help you meet your educational and career goals. With some level of training as a plumber it will be possible for you to open your own business offering services to the public or you could choose to work for someone who owns a business in this profession. If you really want to become a plumber then start by researching the schools below.